Thursday, September 22, 2016

日本のクラフトビールのすべて / Craft Beer in Japan: The Essential Guide (Japanese version)


At long last, the Japanese-language version of Mark Meli’s Craft Beer in Japan: The Essential Guide is finally out. The original book, published in 2013, is definitely the most thorough treatment of the developing craft beer scene available in English.

More than just a translation of the original text, this new book has been updated to include breweries that have opened in Japan during the past 2-3 years. Meli includes listings of over 200 breweries, brewpubs, and beer bars, along with detailed descriptions of more than 100 of them. He also offers insights on the history and development of craft beer in several short essays, and provides a guide to Japanese beer festivals.

Meli pulls no punches when describing breweries and their beer lineups. His evaluations, while certainly subjective, are fair and honest – and this cannot be said of many Japanese craft beer books. This one will guide you to the best places and best beers being made across the nation, and steer you away from those which fall short.

The Kindle version is available HERE at

Hard copies are available on The Japan Beer Times website HERE for ¥2,000 (+¥500 shipping within Japan and ¥1,000 for international shipping).

Drink this book.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Upcoming Beer Festivals in the Kansai Region ... and Two Others

Lots of local beer festivals coming up soon, four in the Kansai region and two elsewhere. Take your pick.

Ibaraki Bakuon Fest 2016
Ibaraki Chuo Koen, Ibaraki, Japan
September 18-19 2016: 11:00-20:00

Craft Beer Picnic 2016
Nakanoshima Koen, Osaka, Japan
September 22-25 2016; 11:00-20:30


Osaka-Jo Craft Beer Holiday
Osaka-Jo Koen, Osaka , Japan
Oct. 7: 14:00-21:00
Oct. 8~9: 11:00-21:00
Oct. 10: 11:00-19:00

World Craft Beer Tasting 2016
Osaka-Jo Koen, Osaka, Japan
Oct 30: 11:00-18:00

Craft Beer Festival in Matsumoto 2016
Matsumoto-Jo Koen, Matsumoto, Japan
Sept. 22 ~ Sept. 24: 11:00-19:00
Sept. 25: 11:00-17:00

ビアフェス信州2016「クラフトビールフェスティバル in松本」 イベント画像1

Craft Beer Kanazawa
Shinoki Geihinkan Ishi no Hiroba, Kanazawa, Japan
Oct. 1: 11:00-20:00
Oct. 2: 11:00-17:00


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Japanese Breweries at the 2016 World Beer Cup: Further Thoughts

The Japanese medal winners at this year's World Beer Cup comprise an interesting assortment of both brand new brews and what could be considered classic Japanese craft beers.

Nasu Kohgen Beer Co. won a gold medal for its Nine-Tailed Fox in the Aged Beer category. This is a hard-to-find barleywine which appears very rarely at beer festivals (and even less often in bars) in Japan. It has a very wide range of ratings on RateBeer, depending upon the vintage year. Want to try it? Well, 500ml. bottles of the 1998 vintage are available for a whopping ¥12,000 (roughly US$110) on the Nasu Kohgen website. I wonder if aged beer is really a fair category, since it's not really a beer style.

Konishi Brewing Co. won a gold for Arima Japan Ale in the Experimental Beer category. It is a  wheat and rice ale, made with high-quality Yamada Nishike sake rice. Haven't seen it around anywhere in Japan as yet.
Chateau Kamiya Ushiku Brewery took a gold for its Sakura Mankai Lager in the Herb and Spice Beer group. Quite a crowded category, too, with 129 entries.This is a fruit beer, which is reminiscent of sakura mochi.

DevilCraft is a relatively new brewery (opened in September 2015), and that makes their gold medal for Arch Devil in the British-Style Stout category all the more impressive.

In a real suprise, Minoh Beer won a gold for their stout in the Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout. This stout has been widely available in Japan for years, and is sometimes great and sometimes not. It has also won awards several times at the much less competitive UK-based World Beer Awards competition. I really kind of doubt that it is an "Irish" stout.

Asahi Breweries  won a silver medal for Asahi The Dream in the Light Lager category. What to say about this? At least it's not a nightmare.

Yo-Ho Brewing Co.  took silver in the very competitive (118 entries) American-Style Strong Pale Ale category. Yo-Ho is the largest craft brewery in Japan, and makes the convenience store mainstay Yona Yona Ale

Iwate Kura Beer  got a bronze medal for its Oyster Stout in the Experimental Beer category. Brewed with oyster shells (not oysters), this is a pleasant and mild sort of stout which has a 3.45/5 rating on RateBeer.
Update May 20: I just heard fom the writer of the オ州酒ブログ (Oshuushu) blog that this stout will likely be available at this year's Oregon Brewer's Festival in Portland (July 27-31). Give it try if you see it there.

The final medal was a bronze for Ise Kadoya Brewery's Golden Dragon in the Session Beer grouping.

So, new and old. Classic and experimental. Aged and fresh session. Quite a variety of style categories represented here, and likely not what most people must think when (or if) they hear of Japanese craft beer. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Japanese Breweries at the 2016 World Beer Cup

The 2016 World Beer Cup winners were announced on May 6, and nine Japanese breweries won awards.

The WBC, which calls itself "the most prestigious beer competition in the world," and may very well be, has been held every two years since 1996. The awards were given out on the last day of the Brewers Association Craft Brewers Conference at the
Philadelphia Convention Center.

This year’s event was the largest ever: 6,596 beers were entered by 1,907 breweries in 55 countries. A total of 16 countries’ breweries received medals. 44 Japanese breweries sent 135 entries and won nine awards, for a 6.67% success rate.

Here they are:

Gold - Nine-Tailed Fox 
           Nasu Kohgen Beer Co.  Aged Beer (40 entries)
Gold - Arima Japan Ale
           Konishi Brewing Co.  Experimental Beer (86 entries)
Gold - Sakura Mankai Lager 
           Chateau Kamiya Ushiku Brewery  Herb and Spice Beer  (129 entries)
Gold - Arch Devil Imperial Stout
           DevilCraft  British-Style Imperial Stout   (53entries)
Gold - Minoh Beer Stout 
           A·J·I Beer  Classic Irish-Style Dry Stout   (42 entries)

Silver - Asahi The Dream 
            Asahi Breweries  Light Lager   (45 entries)
Silver - IPA 2016 
            Yo-Ho Brewing Co.  American-Style Strong Pale Ale   (118 entries)

Bronze - Iwate Kura Beer Oyster Stout 
              Iwate Kura Beer  Experimental Beer   (86 entries)
Bronze  - Golden Dragon 
                Ise Kadoya Brewery  Session Beer   (34 entries)

This tally is a big uptick from the 2014 competition, from which Japan reaped only three medals.
Compared to four in 2012
and five in 2010
nine in 2008
ten in 2006
five in 2004
two in 2002,
fourteen in 2000
nine in 1998
and one in the inaugural year of 1996.

A number of beer writers took note of Japan’s increased presence on the award stand, one of whom called it “Perhaps the event’s most compelling story...” Perhaps…. there weren’t so many other compelling stories? Another writer claimed Japan is “an up-and-coming beer market…” Those familiar with Japan’s demographics and the long-term decline in alcohol consumption might beg to differ.

In any event, craft beer drinkers in Japan should seek out those medal-winning brews and try a little judging for themselves -- with the exception of Asahi The Dream (nothing special there) and Nasu Kohgen’s Nine-Tailed Fox (you’ll never find it – except maybe at Popeye in Tokyo).